nightschool vol. 1 Nightschool: The Weirn Books

One of the original offerings in Yen Plus, Nightschool is an urban fantasy manga about a nighttime school for witches, werewolves, vampires and other creatures of the night. It can be loosely described as Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Harry Potter and it is a story Svetlana has been waiting to write since high school. The main characters in the book are 'weirns', a special type of witch who are born with demon guardian spirits bound to them.

Four collected volumes are out now from Yen Press.



flight vol. 5 Flight

Svetlana has a short story in volume 5 of Flight! Titled On The Importance of Space Travel, the story is about a little girl who claims to be the princess of Pluto! Her classmate disbelieve and you can read a preview here.



dramacon3 Dramacon 3

Now college students, Christie and Bethany are back to pimp their comic at the LAC, this time to a delightfully large crowd of loyal fans. But even as Bethany glows with pride over her designs being on the con T-shirts this year, she dreads the arrival of her strict mother, who's coming to the show! And while Christie is thrilled to be back hanging out with the wacky crowd from Firebird Studios, one thing after another keeps her from getting together with Matt. Between his ex-girlfriend, cosplay issues, and their own strong personalities, could it be that these two are just not destined to be together?

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dramacon3 Dramacon 2

It's Christie's second year at the Lakeside Anime Convention and the drama picks up right where it left off in Dramacon volume one! With her new partner-in-crime, a.k.a. artiste extraordinaire Bethany, she is promoting her latest comic. Matt is also back, but to Christie's shock, he now has a girlfriend!

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dramacon3 Dramacon 1

When Christie settles in the Artist Alley of her first ever anime convention, she only sees it as an opportunity to promote the comic she had started with her boyfriend. But conventions are never what you expect and soon the whirlwind of events sweeps Christie off her feet and changes her life. Who is the mysterious cosplayer that won't even take off his sunglasses indoors? What do you do when you fall in love with a guy who is going to be miles away from you in just a couple of days?

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dramacon3 Night Silver

Sadhil Azaat is a sorceress wannabe with a big problem--she doesn't have enough magic to light a match. Not hazed even slightly but that fact, she is bent on achieving her goal and stops at nothing. So what if it's been ten years and she STILL can't pass for a decent sorceress! So what if no school will touch her because she's got less magic than a toaster! A strange boy, claiming to be a prince of the highest magical Order of their world, told her once that she is SPECIAL and a being of prophecies. Although so far Sadhil doesn't feel all that special, her life is about to make some sharp turns...

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dramacon3 Svetlania Wheneverly

An autobiorgaphical comic mixed with fiction. See if you can guess which bits are real and which ones not >:3

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dramacon3 The Adventures of CG

Say hello to your new best friend! Her name is CG! and she's a college student who lives with her best friends. Each month, we'll put up a new Manga chapter that is all about CG!'s adventures as she deals with guys, her friends, and school. So follow along and see what happens to CG! next! And be sure to read the most recent chapter, on the last page of your issue of CosmoGIRL!

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svetlana weekly Svetlania Weekly

"... because people deserve an explanation..."

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dramacon3 Chasing Rainbows

A story about love and life and the harsh choices we sometimes all face.

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“Drawing comics is just something I always did, it was a compulsion. In my family we used to keep a log of notes to each other—little messages about the dog needing to be walked, what needed to be bought at the store, what was in the fridge for dinner, etc. They were in this notebook and I’d draw little comic interpretations of the notes, sometimes even with dialogue. I think we still have that thing somewhere!”


Read more about Svet's new series, Nightschool! Coming in 2008 from Yen Press

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